APCN is the historical response of clergy and lay people in Chicago and it’s surrounding communities to the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Chicago metro area. Since 1985 when a seminarian and a priest began this ministry APCN has developed and implemented models of expert, scientifically and spiritually informed pastoral care and counseling and prevention education in and through people of faith. APCN has used pastoral care, counseling, consultation and training to challenging the stigma of HIV/AIDS and make a difference in the lives of people infected by this virus and the communities in which we all live. APCN provides support to area congregations and to the hundreds and then thousands of people who are infected, impacted by and often dying with (AIDS) acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which is caused by (HIV) human immunodeficiency virus.

Since 1985, APCN has become a network of resources from concerned, faithful individuals and organizations who maintain a coordinated response through diverse faith communities. We support people with HIV/AIDS with pastoral care and counseling,  prevent future infections with biblically, theologically and scientifically informed prevention education, especially in targeted areas of high risk for infection. We pursue justice for those stigmatized and oppressed by this and other stigmatizing conditions.

Contact Rev. Elizabeth Ritzman: betsyritz@comcast.net for more information about:

  • Consulting
  • Pastoral care and counseling
  • Training on:

Building congregational health ministries

Faith based responses to chronic and stigmatized conditions such as HIV/AIDS

Best practices integrating spiritual care into health care settings


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